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Approximately 10 million tons of plastic waste flood the world's oceans every year. If this situation continues, in 2050 there will be more waste in the water than fish. Trees disappear due to forest fires or deforestation. The forest soil needs 30 years to completely regenerate after clearing; after a fire, it can take up to 80 years. Many animal species are brought to the brink of extinction by poaching because tusks, horns, skins, bones, meat and other body parts are sought after on the black market. Nearly 25,000 animal and plant species are considered threatened worldwide.

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It’s time to act! Now!

To prevent environmental imbalance from deteriorating even further, the active contribution of each and every one of us is needed. There are many ways we can actively protect our environment. One of them is the reduction of waste. Above all, plastic waste. Bringing your own bag with you when you shop is enough to prevent additional waste. What’s important is that people change the way they think!!

Yes, we can!

We want our world to still be beautiful in the future. Of course, contributing to waste reduction is important, but it is also important to do something concrete to solve existing environmental problems. This is why we provide special products which can be used several times and thus help to reduce waste in the long term. We are going to use a large part of the proceeds from these products to support projects for restoring the threatened equilibrium of endangered fauna and flora and to preserve the culture and customs of the populations in many risk zones.


The masses represent strength. To this end we have launched the "SANUSPLANET - we ♥ nature" initiative. All products marked with the SANUSPLANET logo contribute to the protection of the environment.

The masses represent strength.

We start with the origin of all life. The elixir of life that is water. With MY WATER BOTTLE. With each purchase of this high-quality glass bottle, a large part of the sales revenues automatically goes into the SANUS-PLANET-POOL.

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